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Contact Alerts v1.1 Released 

15 February 2011 16:25:00

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Contact Alerts v1.1.

This update adds a new and unique capability to the product - the ability to centrally manage the activity types included on users' Watch Lists. This functionality can help the business development team deliver a more focused Watch List to users by removing less relevant activity types. Or, if new activity types are added, this functionality can ensure activities of the new type are included on Watch Lists. This functionality is not available natively in InterAction.

This update also includes a number of other new features, including the ability to control the sorting order of the activity groups within a Contact Alerts email. This allows the more important activities to be more obviously visible at the top of the email.


Contact Alerts Announced 

14 September 2010 09:25:35

We're delighted to announce Contact Alerts, an innovative new add-on product for LexisNexis® InterAction® that delivers Watch List content and other updates from InterAction directly to fee-earners via a regular automated email process.

A key aim of any CRM implementation at a professional services firm is to provide users with new and valuable information about the contacts they know, in order to help users strengthen and grow those relationships. In InterAction a key source of that information is the user's My Watch List™ page, which shows each individual user all of their organisation's activities involving the contacts which are important to that individual. These activities will include those created by others in the organisation such as meetings and business development events, and also those created automatically to record changes such as an updated phone number, a new email address or a change of employment. For professional users the Watch List is a key feature of InterAction - but until now it's only been accessible via the InterAction web client.

Contact Alerts is our newest product for InterAction, providing professional users with a range of updates from InterAction - including an enhanced version of their Watch List content, and notification of updates to their contacts for review - as a regular scheduled email. Users are automatically provided with this valuable information in a familiar, convenient and readily accessible form.

Contact Alerts is very flexible. A set of standard email formats is provided, but the content and appearance of the emails can be easily customised if required, as can the schedule on which the emails are sent. Professional users or their assistants can manage their settings for themselves via a simple web page, or this can be managed centrally. Users can also get a Contact Alerts email sent to them on demand at any time with just one click. The server based software delivers immediate and visible benefits to end users, with no changes to InterAction required - and it's very simple to implement.

Fellsoft founder Simon Ellison-Bunce comments: "InterAction's Watch List is one of the most popular features of InterAction for professional users, but previously they've had to remember to go and review it regularly. When seeing InterAction for the first time, lawyers frequently ask if it's possible to get their Watch List content delivered to them automatically, in the same way as they are used to with other contact networks such as LinkedIn - and with Contact Alerts we're delighted to be able to make that possible for InterAction. It's also a perfect complement to our news integration product FeedWatch, and our other client-based Watch List tools. In the future we plan to enhance Contact Alerts further, by for example enabling it to identify and alert users to potentially decaying relationships."

For more information about Contact Alerts, visit the product page here.

To arrange a demonstration, contact Simon at

Contact Alerts will be released in October 2010.

Free: InterAction Search Provider for Internet Explorer 

09 August 2010 11:19:10
We're pleased to be making available a free utility for creating enhanced integration between Internet Explorer and InterAction.

Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8 include support for custom search providers. These enable searches of specific, customised sources to be carried out immediately through a dedicated search field in the browser window, regardless of the web page that the user is currently viewing

The InterAction Search Provider is a search provider for InterAction that allows a search for a name, phone or email address to be made in InterAction directly from any web page, without requiring the user to visit the InterAction web client first to perform the search.

For more information about the InterAction Search Provider and how to implement it, review the downloadable brochure which includes screenshots of the Search Provider in use.

We provide a free utility program that will create the files to add the InterAction Search Provider to your Internet Explorer browser. This utility is available on request at no charge - simply sign up for our newsletter, or send your details via email to

Watch List Tools: Pushing InterAction Updates to Users 

21 June 2010 07:19:00

Ever since its introduction in InterAction v5.0, professional users have valued the My Watch List feature that enables them to stay up to date with changes and activities from other users that affect the contacts they're particularly interested in. But until now, they've had to remember to visit the InterAction web client to see their Watch List - an extra step that can mean fee-earners miss important updates.

To overcome this difficulty and help ensure fee-earners are always completely up to date, Fellsoft is delighted to announce the immediate availability of our new Watch ListTools applications. The Watch List Tools provide two alternative methods for pushing users' Watch List content directly to them, making it significantly easier for them to stay up to date and helping them to provide the best possible service to clients.

Update: This product has been replaced by our Contact Alerts product.

FeedWatch Case Study: "A really useful addition to InterAction" 

01 June 2010 12:45:06

Pannone LLP, a top 50 UK law firm based in Manchester, were one of the first adopters of FeedWatch when it was released earlier this year.

To find out what their aims for the product were, and why their fee-earners have called it "a really useful addition to InterAction", read the case study by clicking here. For further information about FeedWatch, visit the product page.

Searching Google News and Twitter with FeedWatch 

25 May 2010 10:58:02

One of the potentially most valuable applications of our FeedWatch application is to use it to regularly search sources such as Google News & Twitter for the latest news related to key contacts, and then to make that content easily and immediately accessible to users by creating activities in InterAction.

It's an enticing prospect, but at first sight extracting high quality contact specific news from the web might seem like the proverbial hunt for a needle in a haystack. The emphasis should definitely be on finding quality rather than quantity, with the aim of bringing in only high value content, and not in so much volume that users are overwhelmed.

This white paper aims to show that by making full use of the search options provided by both Google and Twitter, it is actually very simple to focus in on only the most relevant and valuable content for your key contacts.

To download the white paper, click here. For further information about FeedWatch, visit the product page.

Are You There Yet? UK Law Firms on Wikipedia 

03 March 2010 09:57:16

Wikipedia is a very widely used online encyclopedia, containing a huge array of reference content that can be edited by anyone. Law firms can gain significant additional visibility by having an article on Wikipedia, but they need to be aware of both the culture of the site and the policies governing content on it.

We've put together a white paper which presents background on Wikipedia, recently gathered metrics on how top UK law firms are currently represented on Wikipedia, and guidance on editing and monitoring changes to Wikipedia content.

To download the white paper, click here.


FeedWatch Launched 

16 February 2010 09:36:20

Fellsoft is pleased to announce the immediate availability of FeedWatchTM, an innovative new product that brings news and updates from across the web directly to related contacts and projects in LexisNexis® InterAction®.

FeedWatch adds a whole new dimension to InterAction by enabling the connection of any number of RSS feeds to related InterAction contacts or projects. It can monitor news announcements from corporate web sites, Google News searches, blogs, Twitter, Wikipedia, and more. Whenever a new item is delivered on a subscribed feed it is automatically and immediately added to InterAction as an activity. Then - via InterAction's Watch ListTM - the item will come to the attention of any user interested in the relevant contacts, without requiring users to change their behaviour at all.

Fellsoft founder Simon Ellison-Bunce commented: "InterAction is a tremendously powerful tool, and now FeedWatch can help InterAction users get even closer to their clients and prospects by leveraging it to deliver precisely targeted business intelligence in an unobtrusive way. When a professional user sees a news item about a key contact appear on their Watch List, not only can they read the item itself, but they have immediate access to all of the other information available about that contact. They are empowered to follow up on the item in the most appropriate way to further strengthen that relationship. By providing the complete context for a potential call, it's the perfect complement to a traditional business development process and will also encourage greater use of InterAction by professional users".

To view the launch press release, click here or on the image below.
Press Release Cover

Introducing FeedWatch 

08 December 2009 10:38:20

We're delighted to be able to announce the release early in 2010 of FeedWatch, our first new product for InterAction.

Visit our product page to download the FeedWatch brochure, and please contact us if you'd like further information or arrange a demonstration.

A new web site... 

06 October 2009 13:22:00

I wanted a .NET based content management system (CMS) to run the web site for Fellsoft - there are plenty of open source options to choose from, so recently I've been spending some time trying a few out.

DotNetNuke is a huge product, with a small industry backing it up and a veritable library of books written about it. I decided life was too short for me to get to grips with it properly. Umbraco looked more appropriate, but documentation was sketchy to say the least. Finally I tried mojoPortal and quickly decided it would be the best choice - it's simple to use but powerful, it looks good, and it's extensible. So here it is, and I've bought Joe a beer.

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