Announcing AlertsPlus 

13 January 2013 14:00:00

We're delighted to announce the release of AlertsPlus - the new name for a major enhancement to our well received Contact Alerts product.

When we started thinking about enhancements for the next major version of Contact Alerts, at the top of the list was to do all we could to ensure that the email content for each user was as focused and useful to the recipient as possible. Ideally each user would be receiving only significant updates about contacts they’re really interested in. However, by default users will receive updates about any and all contacts they’ve either indicated that they know, or that they include in their ‘My Contacts’ list. So ironically, the better they use InterAction, the harder it becomes for them to focus on those contacts that really are the most important to them. We wanted to give users the ability to control precisely which contacts they receive updates about.

Also, activities created through data change tickets can often represent only insignificant data changes (reformatting a phone number or adding a title for example) which don’t provide any value to a professional user, and can actually distract from other more useful content. Although Contact Alerts already had the ability to exclude certain activity types from the email, we wanted to be able to distinguish significant changes from insignificant ones, and automatically exclude those minor data change activities from the email.

The second key goal was to improve the tools for managing the system – for example, to make it much simpler to see what content a particular user is getting, or to change settings for users, or to manage email formats – and to provide those administrative tools through a browser interface to make them much easier to access and simpler to use.

Lastly, the release of InterAction 6.1 brought some terminology changes in InterAction itself, with ‘My Alerts’ replacing the familiar ‘Watch List’ – and as more and more sites are upgrading to InterAction 6.1, that prompted us to rethink the ‘Contact Alerts’ name in order to avoid confusion.

So, with that background, we decided to change the name of the product from ‘Contact Alerts’ to ‘AlertsPlus’. We think the new name sits better with InterAction 6.1, and more clearly reflects how the product complements native InterAction functionality.

We’ve included in AlertsPlus a range of unique and powerful new features that really deliver on the goals outlined above (and of course AlertsPlus also provides all of the functionality included in Contact Alerts).

Find out more about AlertsPlus.

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