Searching Google News and Twitter with FeedWatch 

25 May 2010 10:58:02

One of the potentially most valuable applications of our FeedWatch application is to use it to regularly search sources such as Google News & Twitter for the latest news related to key contacts, and then to make that content easily and immediately accessible to users by creating activities in InterAction.

It's an enticing prospect, but at first sight extracting high quality contact specific news from the web might seem like the proverbial hunt for a needle in a haystack. The emphasis should definitely be on finding quality rather than quantity, with the aim of bringing in only high value content, and not in so much volume that users are overwhelmed.

This white paper aims to show that by making full use of the search options provided by both Google and Twitter, it is actually very simple to focus in on only the most relevant and valuable content for your key contacts.

To download the white paper, click here. For further information about FeedWatch, visit the product page.

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